Bringing back some Patterns

By Liset,

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I decided to bring back some resources from I ended up bringing back some patterns. I will only be bringing back patterns though. Everything else will be new. If you visited the website before, you might recognize some of these. I figured “Hey these aren’t too bad” :). A total of 10 patterns were added, but you can view four below. To view them all go to the Resources Page.

To use these patterns in Photoshop simply download the pattern and open it in photoshop. Go to Edit >> Define Pattern. Name your new pattern and click Ok. Your pattern should now be located under your patterns. If you’re having any issues getting it to work, feel free to contact me. 🙂

Vintage pattern with elegant decor
Polka dots pattern with flowers
Flower pattern with stars
Black hears pattern all around


  Comments: 6

  1. Hey! You commented in my cbox but I can’t find yours!?

  2. Thanks and didn’t realize how many I had lol. Though, some are html codes so some these won’t be to bad to do. Btw, I like your patterns!

  3. Your designs are lovely!! I downloaded two of them 🙂
    Also thank you for your comment, I really appreciated it!


  4. It makes no sense to me too, but whatever floats their boat….I sure as he*l won’t jump in.

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