5 New Patterns

By Liset,

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I added 5 new patterns to the resource page. These are from Saruna as well. The next couple of resources coming up should be new. 🙂 To view all the patterns check out the resource page here: Resources Page.

Sandy like pattern
Dark love pattern
Vintage pattern with teal decor
Owl looking pattern


  Comments: 3

  1. I love these patterns <3 I remember them from saruna. I can't wait to see more resources added <3

  2. Well, Cbox are for chats and at most questions with quick yes/no answers; inquiries about tutorials – which may need relatively long explanations and such – would require like at least 8-10 cbox posts, better do it via other means….so I understand the site owner’s refusal to help me on there. What really pi*ed me off was her absolutely over-the-top reaction and rudeness.

  3. Hey. The patterns are really cute. =3

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