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4 Ways to Save Money When Setting Up a New Website

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Written by: Liset Alanis

I am a graphic + web designer who has been a part of the design world for over 17 years. My favorite pastime involves keeping an eye on the latest design trends.

August 26, 2021

A website is an investment.

 It takes up time and resources to build, but there are certain things you can do to save money. Below are 4 things you can do:

1. Host your own website

There’s a lot of hosting websites out there. I would recommend purchasing hosting services from a trust worthy website. It’s a lot cheaper than being hosted by a marketing firm. A marketing firm will charge you anywhere from $100-$200 a month. A hosting provider will charge you around $125 a year to host your website. If you end up needing more hosting resources, you can always upgrade your plan. Your web host provider can also provide backups for your website. Here’s a list of a few websites that you can look into:

2. Buy your own domain name

Purchase your domain name with your hosting provider. It costs around $15 a year for a .com name.

3. Install WordPress

Your web hosting provider can take care of the install for free. Just follow the simple setup guide. If you’re uncomfortable with the setup process, your Web Designer can take care of the setup for you. WordPress is also Free. That’s right, free.

4. Design Process

Once you have your host, domain and WordPress installed, you will need a Web Designer to build you a website around your brand & services. I do not recommend trying to build your own website without any design and development knowledge. There’s a lot more into the design + development process than just adding text and uploading photos. You have to follow ADA compliance guidelines when building your website. Unless you are well skilled in this, do not build your own website. ALL images also require proper names, ALT tags and titles. By not setting each one properly, you are hurting your SEO and your website will not rank as high.

If you end up hiring an hourly web designer, make sure you have all the content ready to go. This creates less revisions and therefore less work. The more modifications you keep requesting, the more time gets added to the bill.

If you need to contact an hourly web designer, I’m available!

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