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Comparing Custom Website Design and Pre-designed Templates

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Written by: Liset Alanis

As a graphic and web designer with over 18 years of experience in the industry, staying current with the latest design trends is a passion of mine.

August 19, 2021

When it comes to building a website, there are two main options available:

Custom website design or using pre-designed templates

Not all websites are the same. The advantages and disadvantages of both custom-designed and template-designed websites are outlined below

Custom Websites


L Complete unique design for your business.
L Adapts to your business needs and can fully express your branding/services.
L Your website will stand out from the rest.
L Tested on all browsers.
L SEO friendly.
L Your website will tend to rank higher on a search engine.
L Full support from the designer/developer who built it.


KIt’s more expensive than a template. It’s an investment.
KProcess to design + develop takes longer since everything is built around your brand/services.

Templated Website


L Templates are good for tight/low budgets.
L Good option for those who do not know web programming, but need a website.
L Fast and easy.


KA lot of other websites will be using the same template which means your website is not unique to your brand/services.
KUser functionality is very limited.
KNot all templates are SEO friendly.
KYou are limited on how much you can actually customize. You’re stuck with what you get.


Ultimately, it depends on your business requirements and individual preferences.
Building a website from the ground up offers more flexibility and tailor-made options, though it may take more time to complete. If a unique website is what you require, reach out to me now!

Recent Custom Website Designs

A screenshot preview of Flame & Fire Brazilian Steakhouse's new website design and development.
A screenshot preview of Tumble Gator's new website design and development.
New website designed and developed for Mission One Eleven's new website design and development.

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