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How Much Does it Cost to Design a Website?

The source code of a website.

Written by: Liset Alanis

I am a graphic + web designer who has been a part of the design world for over 17 years. My favorite pastime involves keeping an eye on the latest design trends.

August 27, 2021

Let’s talk prices.

All prices vary per web designer & developer. Some offer packages with a set price per website. Each package offers certain services. The higher the package price, the more services you get. This is how most marketing agencies price their website packages.

Web Design Packages

Let’s say a basic web design package from a marketing firm costs $1,400. You get a basic template with a few modifications, limited revisions and that package only includes a few pages. Typically, a custom design costs more.


Here at Liset Alanis Designs, you pay at an hourly rate for a custom design. If your website takes 8 hours, you only for those 8 hours worked. Keep in mind, this is just a rough estimate and is not to be used for website design purposes. The amount of time it will take to build a custom website depends on how much content your website has.

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